Importance of Pre – Post Surgical Rehabilitation

The rate of recovery can be significantly improved with surgical rehabilitation. In fact, two aspects of the operative experience contribute to achieving successful recovery: Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation assistance. Dearborn medical rehabilitation center offers reliable pre- post-surgical interventions to improve wellbeing and reduce pain.

The main goals of post-surgical rehab include restoration of joint mobility, reduction of swelling and pain, improved flexibility and increased strength.

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our pre-rehabilitation programs are designed to help you achieve great recovery outcomes after surgery.

Our experienced team helps patients mentally prepare for surgery and restore range of motion for the injured joint. We also focus on maximizing fitness and wellbeing in order to reduce the risks of complications during surgery. During this time, we also educate you about the targeted exercise programs that will help you during the post-operative stage.

Improving your strength, fitness and range of motion prior to surgery helps you recover faster and get back on your feet quickly.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Depending on the case, your doctor may recommend starting physical therapy a few hours or a few days after the surgery. For some patients, the joint or muscle may be immobilized for some days to allow the pain and swelling to reduce before starting post-surgical rehab.

At CURE Physical Therapy, our highly trained team will work with you to establish goals for recovery that will let you get back to your daily activities at the earliest. Our customized treatment program will consist of targeted exercises, manual therapy and other healing modalities designed to restore strength, mobility, balance and range of motion.

We, at Dearborn medical rehabilitation center, have helped hundreds of patients prepare for and recover from surgical procedures. There’s an excellent chance that we can help you in the same way.

Feel free to contact CURE Physical Therapy in Michigan for further details regarding pre-post surgical rehabilitation.