How Does Manual Therapy Work?

Are you experiencing restricted range of motion, pain or muscular soreness?

Our team at physical therapy in Detroit, Mi uses specific manual therapy techniques to reduce musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. The primary aim of manual therapy is to restore the flow of fluid to the affected muscle or joint in order to improve movement.

Manual therapy uses both manipulation and mobilization to improve or restore movement to the joint. Our certified team will first observe the patient’s movements carefully to identify problems with range of motion. Another common problem is overcompensation with other muscles and joints that slows down the rate of healing.

Research indicates that manual therapy combined with targeted exercise are two key components of effective physical therapy programs.

Difference Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy

Manual therapy is a part of physical therapy but not all forms of physical therapy can be described as manual therapy.

CURE Physical Therapy in Michigan believes that every patient should understand how each treatment benefits them and we are always happy to answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

Step-By-Step Manual Therapy

First, our manual therapist will use his or her hands to assess the extent of swelling and inflammation around the joint in question. Along with noting your own inputs, our manual therapists will be able to gauge the condition of tissues and muscles. We believe that our hands help us effectively assess muscular problems in a way that cannot be replicated by devices.

We generally have a tendency to instinctively guard the part of our body that hurts – our experts refer to this as ‘favoring’ the muscle. When patients favor a sore or painful joint, the joint is usually in a state of constant contraction. The muscle is then deprived of crucial nutrients and oxygen which in turn results in hardness and stiffness.

Keeping the inflamed or sore joint immobile leads to further stiffness. Manual therapy helps warm up the joint and facilitates fluid flow and is usually recommended before physical therapy or exercise.

The hands-on approach goes beyond skilled treatment and builds a connection with the patient that aids the healing process. Manual therapy and physical therapy have their own advantages and when used together, they facilitate rapid healing and successful recovery.

Feel free to call or email physical therapy in Detroit, Mi for more information on manual therapy benefits and techniques. With CURE Physical Therapy on your side, you can be confident of getting the best possible care for your problem.