Yoga Is a Powerful Health Tool in Physical therapy


CURE Physical Therapy Therapeutic Yoga Program

Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit and is a beneficial component of physical therapy. While traditional physical therapy focuses on a single area or group of muscles, yoga can target multiple muscles at once.

Yoga combines awareness of breathing, physical movement and meditation through a carefully designed sequence of exercises. The ancient practice of yoga in Dearborn, Mi offers several lasting benefits to practitioners including improved flexibility, enhanced relaxation, increased strength and body awareness.

Yoga can also help improve balance, help relieve arthritic pain and reduce anxiety and stress levels. Moreover, the practice has health benefits for all age groups right from adolescents to seniors. The stretches and twists in yoga enable toxins to flow out of soft muscle tissue.

Just so our esteemed clients are aware, although yoga has its origins in India, it’s a non-religious practice that has been adapted to empowering exercise formats in western cultures. Although there are hundreds of yoga DVDs and online courses available, the best way to ensure that you’re doing the exercises correctly is to learn the techniques from a trained instructor.

Our certified yoga instructors at Yoga Detroit, Mi will guide you through the exercises and introduce modifications where necessary to prevent injury.

Why Participate in Our Therapeutic Yoga Program?

Many people who participate in our yoga program do so for the following reasons:
  • To maintain their health and well-being,
  • To improve physical fitness,
  • To relieve stress,
  • To enhance quality of life.
In addition, they may be addressing specific health conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and anxiety.

Things to Consider with Our Yoga Program

  • Do not use yoga to replace conventional medical care or to postpone seeing a healthcare provider about pain or any other medical condition.
  • If you have a medical condition, please communicate this to us before starting our therapeutic yoga program.
  • Everyone’s body is different, and we will help modify yoga postures based on your individual abilities. Make sure you share any physical limitations and inform us about any medical issues you have.
  • Please communicate to us about any other complementary health approaches you use. This will help ensure you will have a well coordinated and safe experience.

The following styles of Yoga are included in the therapeutic Yoga:

Ashtanga - To improve strength, flexibility and to burn body fat. Vinyasa - To Help with Focus, bringing balance to mind and body, Improve Breathing, remove toxins from body, improve cardio without tiring. Slow flow - Ideal for Beginners. Similar to Vinyasa but at a slower speed. This helps to focus on slow breathing and improve alignment during postures. Many benefits include building stability, strength and improving postural alignment.The slow speed also highlights the meditative aspect of the practice creating increased awareness of breathing and mindfulness of action. Yin - Passive Stretch, most asanas are done while sitting or laying down. Is done in poses from 3 to 5 minutes to deep stretch. Benefits of Yin yoga include, increase flexibility in joints, decrease stress, reduce anxiety, increased stamina and increase energy in the body.

Please Give Us a Call If You Would Like to Know More About Our Therapeutic Yoga Program. You can Reach Us at (313) 584-CURE (2873).